In 1970 a group of socially motivated Catholic laymen known as the Knights of the Southern Cross looked for opportunities to improve the lives of older people. They identified appropriate housing and quality care as important necessities required by all people, particularly the aged. So began our first village, Patrick Minehan Village, located in Marrickville, Sydney. It was shortly followed by our first Residential Aged Care home at John Woodward Apartments in Merrylands.

Fast forward to today and we have grown to 31 Residential Aged Care homes and 27 Retirement Community villages; we also provide care services to many hundreds of people in their homes throughout NSW.

We remain just as focused today on providing caring, safe environments for older Australians to live in, confident in the knowledge they will be supported by a dedicated team committed to helping every customer “live life to the full.”


Anne Lane

“We also continue to be proud of our long-standing history and ongoing commitment to regional communities.”

I am pleased to present our Annual Report for the 2018/2019 financial year. For Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT the last 12 months has continued to be a time of challenge and opportunity. However, our vision to enable older people to live life to the full, remains stronger than ever. We continue to commit to do this by reflecting the love of Christ to all residents, clients, families and staff.

Southern Cross Care (SCC) continues to deliver integrated services to older people across NSW and the ACT through residential aged care (32 homes), retirement communities (30 villages) and in-home services. Our organisation is now responsible for the care of more than 3,500 residents and clients.

It is our aim to be the chosen partner to a growing ageing population who are expressing a desire for more choice and control over their care than ever before. The challenge of achieving this with less direct government funding than previously provided remains, however SCC remains committed to finding solutions to overcome this challenge. Deregulation, funding cuts and a more complex and competitive market have been facts of life for aged care enterprises for the past few years, and SCC continues to adapt.

Despite this changing environment, SCC’s commitment to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching means we must ensure the needs of the marginalised and vulnerable are supported and we remain committed to protecting the interests of financially disadvantaged customers. The need for care, not the ability to pay, has always been the guiding principle for entry into SCC services.

We also continue to be proud of our long-standing history and ongoing commitment to regional communities. Rural services fulfil an important service not only for residents and their families but also as part of the local community, as both a service provider and employer.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was established on 8 October 2018, with hearings being conducted in all capital cities and several regional locations.

We see the Royal Commission as critical to the development of a thriving aged-care sector, able to meet the needs and expectations of the rapidly growing number of older Australians. Great progress has been made in understanding the experiences of all stakeholders and the strengths and weaknesses of the existing ‘landscape’ of aged care services and funding, as well as the enablers and inhibitors of quality care. SCC looks forward to all stakeholders being able to consider the report and recommendations of the Royal Commission.

Helen Emmerson assumed the role of CEO at a very challenging time for the entire industry. The Board would like to take this opportunity to express their gratitude to Helen, who has led the re-invigoration of the Executive team, the implementation of our Strategic Plan at all levels, and is keeping our organisation at the forefront of innovation.

Perhaps our biggest test continues to be operating sustainably while continuing to grow the business. We believe we are well-placed to be a strong and resilient aged care provider now and into the future. Excitingly this year we commenced operations at the new Thornton Park Residential Aged Care Facility in Penrith and opened our newly redeveloped facility at North Turramurra.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank all our Management and staff for their dedication and commitment over the last 12 months. I am excited to see what the next 12 months will bring.

Anne Lane


CEO - Helen Emmerson

“I believe our homes and services are filled with dedicated, passionate staff who genuinely value and respect older people and are committed to their wellbeing.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our previous CEO Paul McMahon, for his years of service and dedication to SCC and its values. Those values of Honesty, Empathy, Acceptance, Respect, and Teamwork have facilitated my journey to the role of CEO.

My background as a Registered Nurse, with a history of working in aged care, has made me passionate about ‘making ageing everyone’s business’ and the
provision of high-quality care. My first year as CEO has provided many achievements and challenges, and it has also provided us an opportunity to focus on SCC’s future and the future of aged care.

Our commitment to quality care and innovation for the elderly has enabled us to engage in partnerships with like-minded organisations and research groups, such as our Vascular Dementia Trial with NICM Health Research Institute. This Trial is evaluating a herbal formula for patients with vascular dementia and is being conducted across several of our facilities.

We have had a successful partnership with The Groundswell Project through the creation of our 10K Project, which establishes community networks within a 10-kilometre radius in order to improve the wellbeing of our residents. This project won ‘Innovation of the year’ at the 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2019.

SCC also won an award for ‘Enhancing Consumer Experience’ at the recent innovAGEING National Awards and was a finalist at the UDIA Awards for our new Thornton Park development at Penrith.

• Other initiatives and partnerships formed in my first year include: Partnership with the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre and Penrith Regional Gallery to incorporate programs and intergenerational experiences.
• Dementia pilot study with Palliative Care Australia.
• Canberra University partnership with the National Art Gallery of Australia (NGA) research study for people living with dementia.

I’m so proud of our progress and success over the last 12 months and the growth and development of the organisation and staff. Our Strategic Plan will ensure we continue to fulfil our Mission and underpin our programs and activities in order to further our leadership position in adaptive, person-centred care.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was established during my first year as CEO, with the aim of providing recommendations on reforms and the additional funding needed to deliver care for older Australians and younger people with disabilities living in aged care homes. We welcome these improvements and await the final report. In the meantime, SCC will continue provide a service that allows residents and clients to live safely, comfortably, with respect and dignity.

I believe our homes and services are filled with dedicated, passionate staff who genuinely value and respect older people and are committed to their wellbeing. I love hearing about the work and initiatives of our staff, and how they bring comfort, meaning and joy to the lives of our residents and clients.

We are also very proud of our Catholic foundations and the quality of care we provide through our Spiritual Wellbeing staff, who are vital to the holistic care we provide.

I’d like to take this opportunity to recognise the contribution of the Executive Management team and Board Members for all that you have done over the year for SCC and those we care for. Most importantly, thank you to our residents and clients across our Residential Care homes, Retirement Villages and Home Care services for placing your trust in us.

Helen Emmerson




Residential aged care services


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Aged care service hours provided






Our Strategic Plan documents our objectives, which keeps us on track to achieving them. The three strategic
objectives of our Strategic Plan 2018-2021 are:

  1. Our customer’s lives are enriched through person-centred care
  2. Our customers feel connected to their communities
  3. Our organisation is well-managed and sustainable

The Strategic Plan on-a-page (below) includes some of the most significant goals for each of these objectives.

Dash line

Our customers’ lives are enriched through person-centred care

Dash line

How achieved
Continual focus on the needs and choices of our customers

Dash line

Focus areas include

  1. Maintain full compliance with Aged Care Quality Standards
  2. Continue to enhance our customers’ experience of life, and seek feedback
  3. Help more customers by growing our Home Care business by 25% each year
Dash line

Our customers feel connected to their communities

Dash line

How achieved
Facilitating links and partnerships with local communities

Dash line

Focus areas include

  1. Develop Regional plans that identify and respond to local opportunities
  2. Support our customers to access and connect with their local communities
  3. Build strategic partnerships to better meet our customers’ needs
Dash line

Our organisation is well-managed and sustainable

Dash line

How achieved
Good governance that focuses on what matters, both now and in the future

Dash line

Focus areas include

  1. Focus on effective business practices and management of new initiatives
  2. Build a sector-leading workforce that is capable, engaged and productive
  3. Transform our systems and processes to better support person-centred care


In Residential Aged Care, we have continued our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

We are thankful for our hardworking and committed team of staff for their dedication and commitment as they care for our residents and their families.

In addition to providing high quality care, we strive to provide a home-like environment where our residents feel cared for, connected and content so they can live the best life possible. The close bonds formed every day between our residents and staff are evident whenever you enter an SCC home.

In April 2019 we opened our 32nd Residential Care home, Thornton Park Penrith with a focus on facilitating connections between our residents, clients and the local community.

The Australian Government introduced the new Aged Care Quality Standards to be in effect from 1st July 2019 aiming to provide residents with greater choice and control. Many improvements and upgrades have now been made across SCC, including our electronic clinical care system to support the requirements to transition to the new Quality Standards.

Over the year we were fortunate to collaborate with a range of industry experts to help us continually improve our approach to care and staff training.

We participated in a research project with Palliative Care Australia that involved evaluating ‘Care Compass’, a toolkit to help staff discuss end of life planning with people with a diagnosis of dementia.

We collaborated with Dementia Training Australia to support the increasing number of residents with dementia living within our facilities.

Our collaboration with the Health and Ageing Research Group from Swinburne University helped us to implement and sustain a Consumer Directed Care approach to care through the Resident at the Centre of Care training program.

We are continuing to provide community connection and engagement opportunities for residents across our homes. This includes providing café style experiences, increased multigenerational opportunities through our connections with local schools and Our long-held commitment to the spiritual wellbeing of older people has been enhanced this year with several initiatives introduced for residents and clients including a Spiritual Wellbeing Framework that reflects a broader focus beyond pastoral and religious care.

Alicia and Selina Daceyville
Key Facts & Figures

Our Values in Residential Care

Father anthony RAC storyJason’s dad has dementia and whilst that can be difficult on families too, the staff make it easier on them by keeping them updated and reassured that he’s being well cared for.

“They’re very patient and they’re very kind. Dad’s not an easy person to care for because of what he’s going through, but the staff take the time to do whatever they’re doing well and in a way that makes him feel nice and at home. My family really appreciate what you’re doing. When we see you, you say hello and that makes a big difference,” said Jason.

Irene has only been living at our Marsfield home for a short time but feels like she couldn’t find anywhere better thanks to the staff there.

“They’re all very pleasant, lovely people. I want to thank them all for being so kind to me. They’re wonderful staff, I couldn’t have gotten a better place,” said Irene.

Irene’s daughter Merrita feels comforted knowing that her mum is being looked after so well.

“I started meeting the staff and each one was delightful in their own way. I appreciate that I’m kept up-to-date with everything that’s happening with mum and I’m so relieved that she’s here in such a good place and I know that she’s being cared for,” said Merrita.

Irene RAC Story

Father Anthony can’t single out what all the staff do for him all day, but he feels they treat him unbelievably well!

“Everything that can be done, is done to make it as far as possible like home. The feel of the place comes back to the staff and the manager. I see the Manager and Deputy roll up their sleeves too, taking time to talk to everyone. That good relationship between staff and residents sets the tone for the rest of the place. It’s hard for me to imagine a better place,” said Fr. Anthony.

Anne thanks the staff for bringing laughter, joy and love to the home.

“I found that living here was just a lot more fun than I was expecting. I enjoy the company of all these younger people. They’re kind, they listen to me and we laugh and joke together. I would like to say thank you, thank you very much.”


The recent Government announcement of 10,000 new home care packages was good news for many people still waiting for support, especially those with higher needs. The number of people wanting to remain living in their own home also continues to rise and SCC is well placed to provide support solutions to these people in future.

It’s been a busy 2018/19 for our Home Care Services across all regions and the organisation continues to build and consolidate its position in the market. In particular, we have seen substantial growth in the Riverina region extending to Albury, Corowa, Hay, in the Tweed region and down to Grafton, Bathurst and Orange in the south.

Our Home Care Packages are individually designed to meet specific client needs. Recent growth has required the organisation to recruit an additional 63 qualified staff members over the last 12 months who helped to deliver 490 packages in the 2018/19 year.

Further adoption of the Procura software and solutions system into our Home Care regions is streamlining client care. This full end-to-end software solution, with a single client record across all points of care, is vital to client support, staff rostering and billing. All care staff have direct access to their live roster and the ability to send notes direct to the client file via their Procura linked SCC mobile phone. This type of investment in innovation will keep SCC at the forefront of efficient Home Care client support.

Home Care - Key FactsWe also continue to recognise the needs of primary carers and their pivotal role in the lives of our clients. We support primary carers to access support services required – including respite to enhance their quality of life and wellbeing. One example is our Casino Carers Group which has grown substantially. The group is made up of primary carers and partners of our clients, as well as partners of those in our Casino Residential Aged Care home. The group meets monthly for a chat, some helpful information and the chance to socialise with like-minded people.

We are known for our personalised service approach that exceeds required outputs across various service types. In recent survey results, we received an 89% satisfaction rate from our Home Care clients. We hope to expand our services and support more clients to remain in their home for as long as possible.

Home Care Packages - Where they landed
CHSP Hours Delivered

Overcoming Obstacles Through Home Care

Home Care StoryCarla is a Home Care Service Advisor in Western Sydney who has a real passion for helping people and improving their quality of life. Carla feels that Home Care has been a very fulfilling career for her and is proud of all the people she’s helped to live independent and meaningful lives over the years.

For Carla, Home Care is about giving clients the opportunity to live the life they want. The services we provide help to remove the obstacles that might prevent them from living independently, safely and happily. Listening to the client and conducting assessments is then the most important thing for Carla do her job effectively. The relationship between a Service Advisor and a client allows us to find out what their needs are, what areas in life they’re struggling with and who they are. Clients often don’t know exactly what services they want or need so we start by working out goals for each client.

“Often a change in people’s mobility can really affect their confidence. They can be scared of getting hurt if they go out so will isolate themselves at home which can lead to loneliness and depression. I’ve helped many clients through this by setting up services like physiotherapy, transport and social support. People come to us wanting the confidence to walk to the mailbox or down the street to Church and it means so much to me to see our client’s quality of life improving thanks to these supports. Our clients place a lot of trust in myself and the carers and we’re their like family giving them the support they need,” said Carla.

One of Carla’s clients is Robin, who also lives in our Cardinal Gilroy Village in Merrylands. Robin is on a Level 4 Home Care Package and receives personal care, shopping and cleaning support. Robin feels fortunate to have received the Level 4 package she needs, which allows her to keep her fierce independence. Robin followed Carla’s advice when they first met a few years ago which was to get into the My Aged Care system early.

“When we first spoke about how I was doing and what could be done to help me out I was shocked that more people I knew weren’t considering Home Care. It’s been just great, and I tell everyone that. I remember Carla’s humour and how well we got along when we first met. Now she checks up on me regularly and I’m confident that I can ring up and tell her what I need. I need her here to guide me through all of this. She’s very good to listen to me and answer all my queries,” said Robin.


Over the year we have continued to grow our portfolio of retirement village units to 994.

In 2019 we brought online our newest Retirement Village, Thornton Park. This village in Penrith, NSW consists of 48 units with a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bed configurations, a resident’s lounge and BBQ terrace and a communal Hub shared between Residential Aged Care, Retirement Village and Home Care with a children’s play area, functions room, Café and library. Our village is an important centrepiece in the community around us, drawing in locals and groups to give our residents more opportunities for involvement with the community they know and love.

The first stage of redevelopment of Cardinal Gilroy village has also commenced with plans for a new community centre approved by council. The new community building will replace the existing facilities with new modern facilities including; activities centre, salon, function space, Café, library, outdoor deck and new chapel.

RLU Key FactsRecent changes to the structure of Property Operations means that Village Liaison Officers are supported in building compliance, project management and cost controls for property related works. Joint ownership of R&M and Capex expenditure ensure effective governance of both Village and SCC budgets. This provides a consistent structure with a defined allocation of resources for operational delivery across the Property Portfolio.

From an organisation perspective, it presents a great opportunity to establish and deliver a strategic focus for the Property portfolio with much improved service support across the organization and importantly, it allows care staff and Village Liaison Officers to focus on the management of our village and our residents.

A Village of Comfort for Pauline

Pauline - Jade - RLU StoryIn early 2019, Pauline became one of the newest residents of the Reynolds Court Retirement Village in Bateau Bay.

“I love it. I really do. I’ve nearly got all the furniture in now and it’s just been so convenient. I’m settling in nicely,” said Pauline.

Pauline moved into a renovated unit in the village from the four-bedroom house with a large pool she’d lived in for the last 22 years. Pauline didn’t take the decision lightly, doing a lot of research into which village was right for her. She spoke to different people and toured many villages. Reynolds Court stood out to her as the best decision.

Pauline has been warmly welcomed into the community and is getting to know her neighbours, “My next-door neighbour Nancy is very lovely and has been helping with the lay of the land. I knew a few people who lived here already so that’s nice. The village has a regular Sunday mass, so I’ll go and introduce myself to more people there. I actually pulled up to the village the other day next to a lady and started chatting with her, it turns out that we used to live on the same street for years so it’s a small world here,” said Pauline.

Village Liaison Officer Jade is the go-to person for Reynolds Court Village residents. “I manage the day-to-day running of the village, assisting residents with moving in or out, maintenance requests, and working with the committee members. Mainly my main objective is the happiness and well-being of the residents. It’s easy to get up and go to work when you know that what you do has a positive impact on the community, I have a true love for what I am doing here.

My residents are amazing, which makes me want to do my absolute best in ensuring their environment is the best it can be,” said Jade.

“I love the location and I’m very glad to not have to worry about the pool and home maintenance. It’ll be nice to travel without a worry about what’s happening at home. Jade has been good to me and everything is just working out really well” said Pauline.


The increased focus on clinical and quality measures across all our SCC services aims to improve the quality of life of the people receiving care. This means we must meet standards in areas such as health, safety, personal care and staffing.

On 1 July 2019, a single set of Aged Care Quality Standards was introduced and applies across all service types. Improvements and upgrades of our electronic clinical care system have now taken place, to support the requirements to transition to these Aged Care Quality Standards. The Quality Team are committed to monitoring and measuring our services to ensure good quality of care and continuous improvement is provided. Face to face workshops for staff across all care and service areas are also in place to support the important work they do every day.

The National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program for Residential Aged Care also commenced on 1 July 2019. The quality indicators measure important aspects of quality of care that can affect a resident’s health and wellbeing and help SCC to measure, monitor, compare and improve the quality of our services.

Aged Care Quality StandardsWe are collaborating with Dementia Training Australia (DTA), to support the increasing number of residents with dementia living within our facilities. DTA was established in 2016 with the mission to improve the care and wellbeing of both the people living with dementia and the staff delivering their care. SCC completed environmental audits at each facility to identify opportunities for improvements, as well as understanding the dementia training needs of staff from both employee and family member feedback.

In 2020, there will be an estimated 459,000 Australians living with dementia and the number continues to grow, so we are participating in a research project with Palliative Care Australia and the Australian Catholic University involving the evaluation of a toolkit called, ‘Care Compass’. The toolkit was developed for end of life planning for people with a diagnosis of dementia and involved our residential and home care service streams.

We also worked closely with the Health and Ageing Research Group from Swinburne University to implement and sustain a Consumer Directed Care approach to care, through the Resident at the Centre of Care training program. This important research also aims to improve quality of life, promote active living and improve social connection – all factors that enhance the ability of older people to age well.


Our dedicated team strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those who have the privilege of caring for and about every day. We put our hearts, energy and enthusiasm to bring joy and comfort to our residents and clients. From care to maintenance roles to volunteers – every role is important and every team member valued for their unique contribution.

Our workforce
2018-19 was the first full year of the Southern Cross Care (NSW & ACT) Enterprise Agreement, which will run until mid-2020. Our number of employees remained stable at just over 2,200. Our new 3-year Strategic Plan was shared with the entire workforce by members of the Executive attending over 30 different locations throughout NSW and ACT to engage with staff around the themes and activities of the Plan and the vital role played by our workforce in delivering our mission. Preparation for the implementation of the new Aged Care Quality Standards effective 1st July 2019 was also a major focus for our workforce. This included revising our policies and procedures on an organisation-wide basis in preparation for the new standards and in particular to reflect the principle of resident/consumer choice. Staff training was developed and implemented to embed a ‘personcentred’ philosophy as the natural basis of Southern Cross Care culture and customer experience.

Employee wellbeing and safety
This year we increased our investment in workplace health and safety and commenced the development of a 3-year work health & safety plan focused on both safe working (‘injury prevention’) and rapid response to workplace injuries (‘injury management’). Our workers’ compensation and return to work management resulted in outcomes slightly better than industry benchmarks. Our focus continued to be on key risk areas through proactive training on ‘manual handling’ competency including the use of equipment.

Our values
Our HEART values help us create supportive environments conducive to our residents’ and clients’ physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social well-being. It means we also create warm and supportive workplaces where our committed staff can flourish and grow.

HEART Values
HEART Values

A Special Bond for Dianne

Dianne SutherlandOur Nagle home in Sutherland is filled with dedicated employees who were drawn to aged care because they are passionate about helping older people live meaningful lives. Nagle is a very tight knit community where it’s clear the residents and staff care very much about each other. Two of the homes star employees are Dianne and Margaret who demonstrate our HEART values every day.

Dianne, the Lifestyle Coordinator lights up any room she enters. It was her energy and her experience caring for her own mother with dementia that led to her working as a Lifestyle Coordinator.

“We’re in a really good position here in Sutherland, it’s easy to get around town to the club or the movies but the most popular day trips are the ones when we get out into nature a bit. We’ll go to a beautiful lookout by the ocean, have lunch and just enjoy each other’s company,” said Dianne.

“I love working with our residents in the dementia specific unit, I’ve always gravitated to older people, I love to make them laugh,” said Dianne.

Margaret works in the Dementia Specific Wing and feels very lucky to have the bond all the residents and staff have with one another.

“My mum had dementia so that’s what made me want to work in aged care. I try to make their days the best they can be. What I’ve learnt from my ladies here is that every day is a new day to try your best and find out what works for them. I get so excited when they achieve something, or I find the right way to communicate with them. I feel like I won the lottery, it’s very satisfying,” said Flora.


The 2018-2019 year was a busy one for the Information Services team, where they completed both infrastructure and application projects as well as being heavily involved in the delivery of our new Thornton Park site.

The delivery of Thornton Park allowed us to move toward a fully integrated solution for our facilities and residents where we provide internet and phone services for residents, as well as bringing the building services, corporate Wi-Fi and telephony into a centrally managed platform. This delivery is our model for the future for all our facilities as we move forward into FY21 and beyond.

The SCC wide area network was upgraded across all facilities, including the head office, to take advantage of better quality and speeds offered by our networking partner. SCC, like most other organisations is very cognisant of the risks around cybersecurity, particularly as a health care provider and to ensure that we are as well prepared as we can be, the team used the network upgrade as an opportunity to implement a state-of-the-art security device to bolster our security against malware, viruses and other suspect internet traffic. In addition to protecting our perimeter, the team also successfully deployed a security solution to all endpoints on the network, providing an additional level of security for all users across the organisation.

The year was also a busy one in terms of deploying new application services to the business, with the highlights being the implementation of an electronic system for our Home Care business, as well as a full roll out of an upgraded system for our residential care homes. At a support services level, employee expenses would no longer be subject to Excel spreadsheets, but were provided through a cloudbased platform. A project was also completed which aims to streamline and optimise our mailouts to minimise our postage spend and ensure that our customers receive relevant and timely information when required, whether that be via post or electronic delivery.

Finally, 2019 saw the commencement of a large scale, organisation-wide project to standardise delivery of our nurse call systems with the issue of a Request for Proposal to key vendors in the industry. This project will extend across into 2020 and is an exciting development for SCC, providing visibility across the entire organisation of our nurse call demand. 2020 will continue to see SCC move forward with high quality, future-focussed technology initiatives aimed at supporting our employees to provide quality care, as well as working on programs to deliver more services to our residents.


Property North Turramurra

This development enhances our reputation for quality care in the community, with high demand from new residents via local hospitals, social workers and people transitioning directly from home.

In April 2019 we opened our Thornton Park campus in Penrith, NSW. This state-of-the-art development boasts a 100-bed residential care home and retirement village. At Thornton Park, there is a focus on bringing the community together through a vibrant community hub, café, library, resident lounge and other services designed to facilitate connections between our residents, clients and the local community.

2019 was also the end of an era, with the old North Turramurra residential care home building being replaced by another stunning new development that offers the high standard of quality accommodation and services expected of a modern aged care facility. Residents moved across to their new home mid-year with the restoration of the Huon House and Chapel expected to be completed in early 2020. This development enhances our reputation for quality care in the community, with high demand from new residents via local hospitals, social workers and people transitioning directly from home.


Revenue by Source
Revenue by Source
Revenue by Services
Net Assets

Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Award

Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Award

In 2019 SCC won the prestigious category of ‘Innovation of the year – Community Care Model’ at the 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards. The award was for the ‘10K Project’, a program that brings to life the community networks of our aged care homes.

“The project began by connecting a SCC aged care home with local resources and networks within a 10-kilometre radius to build partnerships and connections.

We’ve engaged with our local communities to share ideas, learn from each other and grow strong together. This shared goal for our local communities has created a strong neighbourhood spirit and an active, connected and engaged aged care environment.

Being connected, having a positive identity and continuing to contribute to the fabric of society are all essential to healthy ageing, increased life expectancy and overall life satisfaction,” said SCC CEO, Helen Emmerson, who presented the 10K Project to a panel of Judges in Singapore in May 2019.

Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation AwardThe annual Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards is an industry innovation driven by Ageing Asia. The awards were created to provide annual recognition to organisations in the Asia Pacific that demonstrate eldercare innovation in their business, operational and service models to change the way older adults age. These international awards received over 250 entries.

“It’s incredibly exciting to receive this recognition for our innovative approach to ageing. I’ve always believed that we need to make ageing everyone’s business and through the 10K Project we have developed a network of care that gets the whole community involved in caring for each other,” said Helen Emmerson on being presented with the award. The 10k Project was also nominated as a finalist in the category of ‘Innovation of the year – Social Engagement Program’.

The 10K Project first started in the Greystanes Residential Aged Care home as a joint initiative between SCC, Groundswell and Western Sydney University.

Donations and Bequests

Donations and Bequests

We are grateful for the generous donations we have received throughout the year. Below are just some people we would like to sincerely thank for their contributions.

  • David Baker $5,000
  • Coral Hagan $127,417
  • Agnes Huszar $36,979

We appreciate all bequests and donations and sincerely thank those people and their families who have named us as a beneficiary. Naming us as a beneficiary of In Memoriam or Donations in Lieu of Flowers at the funeral of a loved one is another way to support our work.

For more information on any of our services, or to inquire about ways in which you can support the organisation, phone 1800 632 314 or email enquiries@sccliving.org.au

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